Marni Bodhgaya: stories of transformation

Story of Ajay and Vijay - Co-principals at Marni Bhodhgaya School

Ajay and Vijay are the 30 year old twin brothers, that currently run the Bhodhgaya school. Born to a government employee and a home maker, the twin brothers were sent to a private school and they did their parents and village proud by graduating in top honors in their high school. Their father Satish Ram said, “The people in our village are very poor and hence they cannot afford to send their children to private schools. I sent my kids to school because I knew the importance of a good education”.

Ajay joined a hotel management college and brother Vijay, joined a fashion institute in the country’s capital and both of them topped their classes there as well. Soon after they got jobs in the city. In the meantime Satish Ram, started a private school that provided free education to children in the nearby villages in a small shack. “There are so many children who do not go to school in our village. They work in the fields with their parents or serve as helps in hotels or bigger homes. I wanted to start a school that would give them free education and a chance at a better life.” He was inspired by the story of his children and how education changed their lives and wanted to do the same for the other children in his village. He ran the school with his own funds and some funds that the locals donated from time to time. Ajay and Vijay chipped in with their time and money whenever they visited their home town.

After volunteering part-time in the school for eight years, Ajay and Vijay decided to quit their jobs and run the school full-time. “We wanted to move back to our village and help our father in his noble service. We knew we were quitting high paying jobs, but we knew we would get more satisfaction by serving alongside our father in the village and hence decided to come back,” said Vijay.

It has been three years since the brothers moved back to their village and they continue to be an inspiration to the others in village. Many of their friends who work in nearby towns now visit their villages over the weekend and take classes for the children and assist the brothers in the administration of the school.

Thus a journey started by Satish Ram is being carried on as a legacy by his children and others in the village.