what we do: our programs

Education program

Under our education program we adopt and sponsor schools in rural and urban slums in India. Our schools are open to all without any prejudice of race, caste or any distinguishers and impart free education to all children. We help the school team by planning their curriculums, connecting them with distinguished educators, train teachers to produce interesting classroom sessions, introduce technology aided teaching tools like computers and provide the basic facilities which any private boarding school would require.

We also support continued higher education for bright, and promising students who have come out of our rural education system - children who top the matriculation examinations, but have no means to continue their passion for studies which is their ticker to enter a world of opportunities. Most of these children do not even have the equivalent of 3 euros that is required to buy an application entry form for a local college/university to pursue their dreams. We also work with the universities to obtain special scholarships and fees structure for these deserving students. We continue to mentor such students through their levels of education to help them realize their dreams.

Volunteer teaching program

Our aim is to improve the quality of our teachers by bringing in qualified volunteer tutors. Under this program, the children and teachers are separately taught and pre, mid and post tests are conducted to monitor their progress. Even though the most frequently requested subject is English, our volunteers also teach math, science, computer, music, geography, art, dance, etc.

Volunteers from across the globe sign up for our teaching programs, whereby they get to spend a few weeks / months in a designated location and work with the school and local communities to build basic education and job skills. Our volunteers return from this experience, enriched with a new sense of purpose and a new respect for these local communities and children.

Vocational (job) skills program

The vocational skills program is targeted at the economically disadvantaged people in the 18-30 year age group. India has a large percentage of youth and women who have not been able to complete their formal education and do not have the required skills to be gainfully employed. Through associations and joint-ventures with industrial companies, we train the local youth and adults to acquire the basic foundational skills in different crafts to make them eligible for future gainful employment.

As an example, our 6 months training program in textiles is allowing young women around Bodhgaya to learn embroidery and sewing skills, which on completion provides them with various entrepreneurial opportunities in tailoring and textiles.

We have initiated discussions with various corporations to help us in this endeavor, thereby giving our students a chance and an opportunity to get out of poverty.